Monday, October 19, 2015

Changes coming...

I love my blog. I really do. This blog is the product of a deep rooted passion I have for reading; a passion that unfortunately has fallen to the wayside as adult life has sapped free time from my life. Reading is time consuming, and while I believe it's time well spent, it's sometimes hard to justify the hours spent in a book when a million other things need attending to.

I've realized, however, that there are so many things that I love talking about and sharing my thoughts on, like makeup, anime, animals, and even food. For so long I treated this blog as a strictly books only thing, but I've realized that this is mine. This is my space. I can do what I want with it, and so I will.

Books will not go away. This is, after all, called What's Your Story Book Reviews. I won't let the integrity of that name go to waste. But I think I can keep the life in this blog going if I allow myself to share all the other passions in my life occasionally too. I think you guys will enjoy it, actually. I'm brimming with ideas of things to share.

My reviews will still maintain what I like to believe is a sense of professionalism and will still have the same amount of effort put into them. But I think I'd also like to start journaling a little as well. Some more informal posts that are not so edited and are just stream of consciousness.

I hope you all will still be here for these changes as I move forward trying to get this blog up and in the air again, hopefully soaring higher than it did before. Books are still going to comprise the majority of this blog, hopefully something around 60% of the content. There'll just be room for other stuff too.

With much love,


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