Sunday, October 3, 2010

Please Answer Poll Question!

Hey guys! I put up a poll, it should be here -------------------------------->

I would very much appreciate if you guys took the time to answer this very simple question.
"How many pages do you like your books to have on average?"

The reason I want to know is because I'm going to be doing something that involves the number of pages in a book, and it would very much help me if I knew all of your preferences so more of you will participate.



  1. Answered! I'm a fan of 300-350. Long enough to develop a good storyline, but not so long that it drags.

    Returning the hop visit--I follow. :-)

  2. Just a note here, but I think it would be more correct to say how many words you like your books to be because depending on the size of the book and typeset there can be a big difference between 300 and 400 pages.


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